Paloma & Co

A field trip to Houston to see Paloma Contreras’s new shop sounds like fun.

Living Floral

A gorgeous new book from Margot Shaw, Editor-in-Chief of Flower magazine.

Blanket Weather

When I pull out my sweaters I also pull out the wool blankets.


I ran this post last August on kic and it’s just as relevant this summer.

Palais Keep It Chic

After 20 years casting models for Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, and fashion shows, I wanted to spend more time with my daughters. In 2010 I launched the fashion and lifestyle site Keep it Chic so that I could work from anywhere. Now, welcome to Palais, an interiors-focused sister site to kic that will include home decor and real estate—I can't be the only one who likes to peruse chic properties online the same way I shop for shoes, handbags, and table linens.


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