Do You Collect?

When I was younger I would collect and save things. I think I had a vision of my future life and what I’d need for it. My shelves were filled with stacks of magazines, farmhouse bowls, design books, multiple sets of china, etc. Then, after cleaning out two family homes, I lost my desire to collect—it felt like my stuff was closing in on me.

I’ll never live like a Scandinavian, but I am weeding out items that I know I’ll never use—and it feels great.

Image © EBTH

  1. My grandmother and mother both collected silhouettes (among many other collections) which I now have and have hung part of the collection. They and I all collected American folk art, which I have since weeded out but kept my favorite pieces. Other things they collected I gave to other family members so the collections could stay intact. I have no further desire to collect anything, more in the weeding out stage too.

  2. I have always been a “Lector the Collector” from stamps, coins, dolls and beer cans as a child. Yes, beer cans, as I was the only girl in my neighborhood. I, unfortunately, am still going strong, but I hear what you are saying. I think my collecting days of historical flags, Early American textiles, portraits, pewter and Ira Yeager paintings are coming to a close. I think I have focused more on our home lately because there is nothing that appeals to me fashion wise. I have gone from one addiction to another. Perhaps, I need to focuse more on yoga and exercise!

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