Setting The Table

It was drilled into me as a child which fork is appropriate for which course but, it’s always good to have a refresher on how to properly set a table. This post from the Singer Venekamp blog takes the guess work out of setting a formal table.

This set is vintage Buccellati, Juliska makes a nice version, and Cambridge makes affordable settings.

Image courtesy @paolomoschino


  1. I’m curious as to how many of you use formal china chargers? I would use them at most 3 times a year. I have pretty wood ones that I use with ceramic plates more often but am still on the fence about purchasing a formal set.

  2. I love setting the table ~ I find it so satisfying and relaxing. For Carol, I’m not a fan of china chargers – it seems overly formal. I tend to like fancy and fun, but not intimidating and formal.

  3. I just had a dinner party this weekend. I too love setting the table. I have a red leather set of RL chargers and use them both formally and informally. They work wonderfully with my formal china (which gives it a more comfortable feel) and they work with my 2 sets of informal china and pewter. To me, they complete the place setting by “filling” up the space with a splash of color and a new texture.

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