Is Brown The New Grey?

Most of the rooms in my house are pale yellow, which makes it seem sunny even when it’s not. Last weekend my husband decided he wanted his office to be grey and after applying numerous swatches, he stuck with the yellow. But I have to wonder if we should paint it light brown. A bit more masculine than yellow, but not as cold as grey. And just as neutral.

  1. I’ve never liked gray walls – I find it very cold (for me) – I’ve used a lot of , I’d call them beiges, more than browns. Putty, mushroom, khaki, etc. There’s a Farrow and Ball paint called String that seems to fit the bill almost always.

  2. I am so tired of all the gray. When house hunting 2 years ago it felt like a lot of sellers went gray to follow the “trend”, whether or not it actually worked in their home.

  3. I would agree with Farrow and Ball ‘String’! I used it in my entire house in London as well as ‘White Tie’ on all the trim….perfection.

  4. Oh, I hope not. Have never been a fan of any iteration of these colours only because I prefer the cooler tones (even with yellows) and luckily that suited our century home. Trends are great but you have to consider the geography and it’s light, maybe I’ve been a fan of grey tones since I was a child because of where I live in Canada?

  5. The string color looks ver similar to Believable Buff by SW. That’s what I have at home for many years and looks/feels nice, cheery and neutral.

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