‘Down The Line’

I had a moment of deja vu when I saw this cover of the upcoming issue of WSJ. Magazine. Years ago, when my girls were small and it was too hot to go to the playground, I struggled with entertaining them indoors. After watching them bounce off the walls of our apartment, I turned our dining room table into a ping pong table—it was a stroke of genius. I’m sure this wasn’t the motivation behind the ping pong table in this fabulous story on an artists’ retreat in Norfolk, England.



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  1. I have three boys, ages 10, 13 and 14. We purchased a ping pong table last year and it’s one of our best purchases. We play almost every day and it gets quite competitive! A bumper pool table and a foos ball table round out the games in our hang-out room and it’s fantastic to have fun, non-video game things for the boys to do with their friends!

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