Throw Around

Living in the Northeast (and liking the heat down low) I’m a complete throw fanatic. I collect them and have one on every chair and at the foot of each bed. Years ago, Azzedine Alaia gave me an oversized black cashmere throw, which I often wear over a coat. Despite the numerous holes that have been repaired, I cherish it. The one by Frette above is similar. Neiman’s has great colors and they’re on sale.

  1. Hey Preston,
    I live in Florida and have a throw on every chair and at the foot of every bed, too. Instead of having cold weather outside, I just crank down the a/c and curl up with a throw around me….like you, I have a throw obsession….just love having a throw around my shoulders.

  2. I’m a throw fanatic as well (Canadian imperative) since they’re useful, cozy and a great way to add colour or style. Now if I could only curb my perfectionism when someone other than me tries to “throw” them.

  3. Is it something harkening back to childhood–a blankie? I too, live in Florida and we have them all over the house. Silk, wool, cashmere, cotton–I can’t have enough.

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