1. NO NO NO!
    I didn’t realize how much room all the condiments took that use to be on the inside door and now are in the actual fridge. Unless you have fridge drawers or an extra refrigerator somewhere else I would pass.

  2. We have a subzero one in Long Island (not our primary residence., which, combined with the fact that we are a small family, slows it to work just fine). We like it; it adds a contemporary touch in a very traditional kitchen, and looks cool. It may not be worth the extra cost unless prices have dropped. Do not get a Traulson (cool though they are) because the water condenses on the doors on hot days and streams into pools on the floor. We’ve not had a condensation problem with the subzero. The balance between fridge and freezer is quite different from the one in our apartment, with freezer drawer below, rather than next to the fridge. So, it’s fun to have if you don’t need tons of storage.

  3. I love mine! We tend to buy fresh and daily so it is never over stuffed. It looks great in my kitchen, and makes me happy 🙂

  4. We have. Subzero with a glass door. I cannot begin to tell you how much i love it! I dont style what i put in it…it is treated like a regular frig. Sometimes i find myself just admiring the crazy thing, it came with uss when we moved, although subzero won’t guarantee it unless “certified subzero movers” move it

  5. We have had ours for years and I really love it and love the way it looks in our kitchen. A reminder though, I make sure to have it serviced every year. They clean out the grill on the bottom and make sure it’s all working properly. Because of our dogs we get a lot of pet hair and dust gathers behind those grills.

  6. Absolutely no! Finger prints on the glass door and you have to keep the inside looking chic and organized. Looks great in a magazine. Not in real life!

  7. I don’t have one but I know a couple of people who do. The pleasure they derive looking at it every day makes it worth it for them. One of them treats it like a regular fridge with no additional styling and the other has fun curating it for her own pleasure. It’s the best kind of kitchen jewelry.

  8. I have a solid front fridge and the glass front wine fridge – they bookend some of the counters. The glass wine fridge makes me very happy!! And I never have to worry about it looking messy!

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